Why did Dr. Kalam want to leave Rameswaram?

Inspired by his teacher and driven by his passion for studies, young Kalam wanted to leave Rameswaram because this place did not offer any options for higher education. It only had an elementary school, and in order to study further, he had to go to the district headquarters at Ramanathapuram, which had many educational facilities.

Kalam’s father was not an educated man but he understood the significance of education. He did not want to stop the growth of his children in any way; so, he willingly allowed Kalam to go to Ramanathapuram to pursue higher studies. He never expressed his opinions in words, but he trusted his son’s decision to grow. Kalam’s father knew that just like the birds that leave their nests to fly across the skies, children must be allowed to leave home and find their place in the world outside.

Apart from accepting it himself, his father convinced Kalam’s mother by quoting Khalil Gibran. It was a quote that meant that all human beings must be given the opportunity to build their life as per their wishes and that parents should not stop them in their efforts.

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