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I was forced into architecture due to family pressure

I’m currently doing a diploma in interior designing. It’s my second year. However, my interest lies in business. I was forced into architecture due to family pressure and now I’m not able to do well in this stream. Is there any way by which I can opt to do business apart from dropping 2 years? Please help me with this situation.

What type of business do you want to enter? It is always better if you have some professional qualification in related field. Since you’ve already joined a course in interior design, spend one more year and complete the course. After completing it and gaining some experience, you may start your own consultancy. On the contrary, if you do not enjoy design, then you will not be able to flourish in a related business. Think about it; you’re the only one who can decide.


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I want to become an interior designer.

I am in Std IX and I want to become an interior designer. Which subject should I opt for in Std XI and what to do after school? I’m confused as to how to begin.

Do you have good sense of color, form and a sense of balance and proportion? Can you communicate and promote ideas, verbally and visually? Can you draw well? These are some of the basic skills you require to become an interior designer.

Creativity is very crucial. A portfolio, representative of your best work, is sometimes more important in finding a job than an extensive education. You can always find successful designers who had no formal training of professional designing. Still, a course from a good institute certainly helps to sharpen your skills; later you can develop the instinct through talent, experience and practice.

Many institutes like School of Interior Design, Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad, offer a five-year professional course in interior design. Admission is through an entrance examination to evaluate one’s drawing skills, especially technical drawing and spatial apperception and interview.

Various polytechnics, institutes and vocational colleges offer diploma courses of 2-3 years’ duration. For all these courses eligibility is 10+2. So you can take any stream in 10+2.


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