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I want to become a fashion designer

I am a student of Class X and I want to become a fashion designer. Which stream should I take in Class XI? Is there any scope in this field?

A diploma in fashion design technology is the minimum requirement to enter this field. However, many employers prefer a bachelor’s degree with knowledge of textiles, fabrics and fashion trends. A portfolio, representative of a designer’s best work, is sometimes more important in finding a job than an extensive education.

Many polytechnics and institutes all over India offer courses in fashion designing. Duration of the courses varies from new months to five years. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is the premier institution professional training in various areas of the fashion industry.

The continued demand for all types of apparel, growth in population and rising personal incomes will favourably affect the need for fashion designers. However, competition for good jobs is expected to be very intense. But individuals with the necessary personal traits, such as creativity and perseverance, may have less difficulty establishing and maintaining careers in fashion designing.


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I want to become a Creative Director in Fashion or a fashion stylist/editor

I am 15 years old and want to become a Creative Director in Fashion or a fashion stylist/editor. Which stream should I opt for in Class XI? If Humanities, then what subjects are preferable? Kindly guide me also about undergraduate programmes. 

Creative directors in the fashion industry may be known as an art director for a high-fashion magazine; or a creative director of a fashion design company overseeing the design of apparel. No matter the formal in which they work, creative directors in the fashion industry use their skills of creativity in exercising concepts, communication, leadership and industry-related technology. They are expected to keep up with fashion trends and developments to produce trendy outfits for your department store or magazine. In short, a Creative Director’s job is to reinforce or recreate the brand aesthetic.

It is not an area where you can become a creative director just after doing a particular course. First you have to work as a copywriter, designer, art director or do a similar creative job, and show an aptitude not only for the creative side, but for the business side of advertising and marketing. On an average, you would need about 5-8 years of experience in a senior or management position. To become a copywriter you need a degree in Mass Communication. To become a designer, go for a Bachelor’s in Fashion Designing. For both these courses, eligibility is 10+2 with any stream.


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