Which seal pups were hunted for their coats?

Harp seal pups are born with soft, white fur coats. They lose these after a month and grow dark coats like adult seals. In the past, thousands of pups were killed for their fur.

Amazing! Steller’s sea cows were huge dugongs that once lived in the Bering Sea. They were discovered in 1741. Just 30 years later, they were extinct because so many had been eaten by sailors.

Why are sea mammals in danger?

People are very dangerous for sea mammals. They hunt seals and whales for their meat, fur and blubber, and they trap sea mammals, such as dolphins, in fishing nets. Many more mammals are poisoned by pollution, such as oil from tankers, which is dumped into the sea.

Is it true? Right whales are easy to hunt.

Yes. Right whales were once the right whales to hunt. They swam slowly and floated on the surface when they were killed.

Which are the rarest sea mammals?

There are fewer than 600 Mediterranean monk seals left, but the rarest sea mammal is probably the Gulf porpoise. There may be only 50 left off the Californian coast.

Picture Credit : Google