Which is the biggest seal?

Antarctic southern elephant seals are the biggest seals. Male seals grow up to six metres long, measure almost four metres around the middle and weigh in at about three tonnes.

Is it true? Sperm whales have the heaviest mammal brains.

Yes. A sperm whale’s brain weighs up to nine kilograms. That’s about six times heavier than a human brain! Luckily, the whale has a very large head to fit it in, which takes up about a third of its body.

Amazing! Most whales and dolphins are able to snooze for a few minutes while they’re swimming or resting on the sea floor. But it’s thought that the Dall’s porpoise never goes to sleep at all.

Which whale is the tiniest?

The smallest whale is probably the Commerson’s dolphin. This miniature mammal grows about one metre long. It would take about 3,000 dolphins to make up the weight of one blue whale.

Which whale has the tallest ‘blow’?

The ‘blow’ is the spout of water you see when a whale breathes out. The gigantic blue whale has the tallest blow. It can reach a height of twelve metres, as high as six tall people. Each whale makes a different pattern as it blows.

Picture Credit : Google