What is the meaning, origin and usage of word ‘Plague’?

Meaning: The word plague typically signifies a contagious bacterial disease characterized by fever and delirium. It can also denote an unusually large number of insects or animals infesting a place and damaging it. The word also corresponds to a thing causing trouble or irritation.

 Origin: The word has been around since late in the 14th Century. It is derived from the Old French plage, from Late Latin plaga meaning “slaughter, destruction”. It has been used for “an epidemic that causes many deaths” from the 1540s and specifically for the bubonic plague from around 1600. The weakened meaning of “anything annoying” has been in use from around 1600. The modern spelling follows French, which had plague from 15th Century.

Usage: Despite having been plagued by repeated injuries over the years, she got back in shape and competed at the highest level.

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