What do kangaroos do to cool their body temperature?

Kangaroos lack natural sweat glands, but they have a special network of blood vessels in their forearms. When a kangaroo needs to cool down, it licks its forearms until the fur is soaking wet. As the saliva evaporates, it quickly brings down the kangaroo’s body temperature. Kangaroos have very thin forearms, with short fur. 

Trying to save water can be hard when you live in hot places. As humans, we are able to sweat to help us cool off using evaporation, but this uses up a lot of our body water. Kangaroos, much like dogs and many other furred mammals, don’t really sweat. But they do have a trick up their  sleeve  to help keep cool. Kangaroos have a cooling behavior. They will use their saliva to cool themselves off, licking their forearms to help lower their body temperature. In this more controlled way, they can still use evaporative cooling when they need to. As grazers, food is usually readily available for kangaroos, but that doesn’t mean that life is easy. They, like all animals, still have to face the different challenges that come with living in any habitat. Even if they seem to hop through life without a worry. As the number of humans in Australia increased, they killed carnivores that had hunted kangaroos in the past. Because of this, numbers of kangaroos have gone way up. High numbers can be problematic for the kangaroos because there might not be enough food to eat for all of them. As in most animal communities, kangaroos do best when in balance with other species that they have naturally evolved to live with, but human presence often alters this balance. Humans aren’t the only worry for kangaroos, though.

Credit :  Ask a Biologist

Picture Credit : Google 

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