Fun things to do on National Science day?

1. Plant a garden:

It will help you learn about botany and the science of plant growth. You can begin by planting a vegetable or flower sapling or sowing some seeds.

2. Build a simple machine:

Use household items to create a lever, pulley, or other simple machine and demonstrate how they work.

3. Make slime:

Learn about the science of polymers by making slime together in class.

4. Conduct a science experiment:

Choose a simple science experiment, such as growing crystals or making a balloon rocket. Take help from your teachers to conduct it and understand the results.

5. Create a nature Scavenger hunt:

Explore the natural world by creating a scavenger hunt that highlights different plants, animals, and insects.

6. Visit a science museum:

 Take a trip to a science museum (if there is one in your city or town) or planetarium to learn about a wide range of topics.

7. Conduct a star gazing session:

Discover more about astronomy by conducting a star gazing session on a clear night with your friends.

8. Experiment with magnets

Use magnets to explore the concepts of magnetism and electric currents.

9. Make a tornado in a bottle:

Demonstrate the science of air pressure and tornadoes by making a tornado in a bottle. It's simple, look it up online and do it.

10. Create a weather station:

Explore the science of meteorology by creating a simple weather station to measure temperature, precipitation, and wind speed.

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