Bridges of the world

Bridges are timeless wonders that reflect the culture of a land. We introduce some of the unique bridges in the world.

Rialto Bridge-Venice, Italy

In the heart of Venice is the centuries-old Rialto Bridge. An engineering marvel designed and built in the 16th century, it is the oldest bridge surviving across the Grand Canal in the city. A peaked Venetian architecture has been given which allows ships to pass beneath the bridge.

Khaju Bridge-Isfahan, Iran

 Built in 1650 during the Safavid dynasty, the Khaju Bridge in Iran is noted for its architecture. The bridge sports 23 arches and also encompasses a dam with locks that regulate water flow.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California

All cloaked in an orange vermilion colour, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the iconic structures in the world. Spanning the Golden Gate strait, the bridge opened in 1937 was the tallest and longest suspension bridge in the world then.

Chengyang Bridge China

A bridge constructed without nails, the Chengyang Bridge is a Wind and Rain Bridge. Built in 1912 using cedar and stone, the bridge has five pavilions with covered walkways and the wood is connected by dovetailing.

Double Decker Bridge- Meghalaya, India

Deep in the forests of Meghalaya, these bridges are being made by weaving and folding together the roots of ficus trees. These are the ancient, living bridges that grow stronger with time. A creation of both man and nature, the double-decker root bridge in Nongriat village is an architectural wonder. Many such natural bridges are being made by the villagers.

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