What is MPD 2041?

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) recently released its draft Master Plan 2041 for the city of Delhi, What is it for and what are its proposals? Come, let’s find out.

The DDA draft Master Plan 2041 for Delhi (MPD 2041) addresses many key challenges facing Delhi. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive framework for sustainable and inclusive development of the city over the next two decades.

Facelift for Delhi

The plan, prepared by the DDA, covers various aspects of urban planning, including land pooling, housing for all sections of society, green area and infrastructure development, innovative interventions, heritage, rejuvenation of the Yamuna, and checking pollution among others. It largely focusses on the policies of environment, economy, mobility, culture, and public spaces.

One of the highlights of the plan is its emphasis on promoting development, where residential, commercial, and recreational spaces are integrated within a neighbourhood. This approach not only aims at encouraging walking but also fostering a sense of community and social interaction. The plan addresses the issue of affordable housing for all and also seeks to create more green spaces and public parks in the city. It prioritises environment sustainability by promoting waste management and use of renewable energy sources.

Transit-oriented development

 Another important aspect is its focus on transit-oriented development, which aims at reducing reliance on private vehicles and promoting use of public transportation. A comprehensive network of metro, bus, and cycling infrastructure with emphasis on last-mile connectivity is part of the plan. This aims at not only reducing traffic congestion and checking air pollution but also making the city more liveable.

The draft MPD 2041 was approved by Lt Governor V K Saxena, who is also the chairman of the DDA, on February 28. It is expected to usher in a new era of development and guide future growth of the national capital.

According to the officials, the draft MPD 2041 has been divided into two volumes, comprising 10 chapters which encapsulate the vision to “foster a sustainable, liveable and vibrant Delhi”.

The MPD is a statutory document that facilitates Delhi’s development by assessing the present condition and guiding how to achieve the desired development.

First MPD

The first MPD was promulgated in 1962 under the Delhi Development Act, 1957. These plans are prepared for a 20-year perspective period, providing a holistic framework for the planned development of the city. The last master plan of the city was the MPD 2021.

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