Why is Herbert Hoover remembered as a man who lacked leadership skills?

Herbert Hoover was already a celebrated international figure when he became the 31st President of America. He is remembered as a great humanitarian.

Hoover was in London when Germany declared war on France. The American Consul General asked his help to bring the stranded tourists back home. The committee under his leadership helped 1,20,000 Americans return to the U.S. in a span of six weeks. His efficiency in managing the difficult situations during the war made him popular. And when it came to the presidential elections, victory was not hard to achieve. But things were not so good when he took charge as president.

In his first year as president, the U.S. economy failed; businesses closed as a result of which, millions of people lost their jobs. It was called the Great Depression and it was the worst economic crisis the country had ever seen. Though the failure of the economy was not his fault, people blamed Hoover’s leadership. Though he contested for the next election he failed miserably.

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