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When was the Aqua-Lung invented?

The aqualung invented in 1943 is the best and safest of all diving devices. Read on to know about the people behind the invention

About 200 years ago, divers used a device called a diving bell, which was lowered from a ship into the water. It was open at the bottom and received air from the surface through a hose. The air pressure kept the water out of the device. The diving bell gave way to the snorkel and diving suit.

However, the best and safest of all diving devices is the aqualung invented in 1943 by a French naval officer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and an engineer named Emile Gagnan. The aqualung is a portable diving apparatus, which consists of cylinders (tanks) of compressed air with a valve and mouthpiece. The valve adjusts air pressure automatically and supplies air as a diver needs it, so that air pressure inside the divers lungs matches the pressure of the water. Unlike previous devices, the aqualung was light and convenient and Lalung now part SCUBA millions Id every allowed the diver to move about freely.

The first aqualung was sold in 1946. The system is now part of modern SCUBA gear, with millions of units sold every year. Recreational scuba diving has become an international phenomenon.

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The 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was completed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the tournament had been suspended abruptly due to the pandemic situation in India.

The last time a part of the IPL was played in the UAE (the entire 2020 edition was played in the UAE) was in 2014. The first 20 matches of the 2014 edition were played in UAE as the tournament took place at the same time as the 2014 Indian general elections. At the end of the group stages of the 2014 tournament. Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings) finished on top with 11 wins and 22 points. Both Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) finished with 18 points, but KKR had a better net run rate and hence finished second.

Mumbai Indians (MI) took the final play-off position with 14 points and a superior run rate than Rajasthan Royals. KKR defeated KXIP in the first qualifier by 28 runs to progress to the final. CSK defeated MI by seven wickets in the eliminator to make it to the Qualifer 2 against KXIP. The high-scoring thriller in Qualifier 2 finished in KXIP’S favour, who won the match by 24 runs to earn a place in the final.

Chasing 200 against KXIP to win the final, KKR did the unthinkable, winning by three wickets and just three balls remaining. KKR won the 2014 title to win the IPL for a second time.


Losing finalist Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings) produced the player of the tournament. Glenn Maxwell won the award for his batting fireworks through the tournament.

The Orange Cap went to a player from the champions Kolkata Knight Riders. KKR’S Robin Uthappa took the honour with 660 runs from 16 matches.

The Purple Cap went to Chennai Super Kings’ Mohit Sharma. Mohit finished with 23 wickets from 16 matches.

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