Which whale has the longest ‘teeth’?

All of the great whales, such as the blue whale have hundreds of bony baleen, which they use to sieve food from the water. The Bowhead whale’s baleens are up to four metres long.

Is it true? Leopard seals are fussy eaters.

No. Leopard seals eat almost anything, including penguins, sea birds, fish, squid, seal pups, and even duck-billed platypuses!

How do leopard seals catch their prey?

Leopard seals mainly eat penguins. To catch them, the seals build up speed in the water, and then launch themselves on to the ice. They have even been known to snap at human divers, probably because they mistake them for penguins.

Which sea mammal has the biggest appetite?

Blue whales have massive appetites. In spring and summer, they eat up to four tonnes of krill (tiny, shrimp-like creatures) each day. That’s about five times as much food as you eat each year!

Amazing! Whales and dolphins can shut off their windpipes when they’re underwater. They do this when they’re feeding. It stops water from passing into their lungs and making them choke.

Picture Credit : Google