What is vampire power?

Though it has nothing to do with vampires. Read on to know why it is a cause for concern Vampire Power, also known as Standby Power or Phantom Load is the electricity consumed by electronic gadgets when they are switched off or kept un-standby mode Printers TVs and computers are said to be electricity vampires because they suck power in the standby mode. Similarly, cell phone chargers and other adapters continue to draw power even when nothing is plugged into them, although the amount of power consumed in standby mode and switched-off state is less, the total electricity used by all appliances is a cause for concern as it generates a hefty bill and leads to wastage of power.

The best way to fight impure power is to unplug devices from the switchboard when they are not in use. Another alternative is to use a power strip (a common strip having many sockets) for plugging in devices that are used together like computer, printer etc. This way you could turn them off simultaneously by simply switching off the strip.

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