Which is the fastest among the big cats?

      If there was a race among the big cats, the indisputable winner would be the cheetah. The cheetah, however, is the fastest animal not just among the cat family alone. There is hardly any animal in the entire world that can beat the cheetah in a race.

      When running at full steam, the cheetah can reach speeds of about 96.6 km per hour in just three seconds. In a few strides, the animal can reach speeds of more than 95 km/h. The most modern cars will struggle to match such power. However, the animal can run only for short distances. The cheetah will soon run out of steam, and give up eventually after about 180 meters if the prey seems to be getting away.

      The big cat has extraordinary manoeuvrability skills, and this gives the animal an advantage over the rest of the cat family. A beautiful spotted coat is the cheetah’s distinguishing characteristic among other cats. The back tear marks on the sides of its face also make the animal distinct from others.

Picture Credit : Google