Which was the last major asteroid impact?

Asteroids, comets, and meteorites are the debris left over after a meteoroid has burned up in the outer atmosphere. Whenever any of these collide with the Earth, the result is devastating. The last such impact occurred in the year 1930. On February 17th, 1930, a meteorite hit Paragould, in Northeast Arkansas. At that time, it was the largest stony meteorite in the world to be seen falling and recovered.

 Another famous asteroid impact happened on Earth on 13th August of the same year, when an asteroid exploded in the sky above the River Curuca in Brazil. At about eight o’ clock, the sun became blood-res, and darkness fell over the region. Three mighty explosions were heard in rapid succession. Immediately after the explosions, the whole forest became a blazing inferno, which lasted for several months.

Asteroid Hit

 There are a number of stories of people being injured, and even killed, by meteorites. On 30th November 1954, Mrs. Hewlett Hodges of the USA was hit by an asteroid. A four kilogramme asteroid crashed through the roof of her home, and she was struck as she slept in the living room. Fortunately, her injury was not serious.