Why don’t I feel the Earth spinning?

There are two reasons: gravity and the fact that you’re traveling at the same speed as the ground beneath your feet. Just as air-plane passengers don’t sense the forward motion of the aircraft they’re riding in (unless it suddenly speeds up or slows down), we don’t notice the rate of Earth’s rotation. We’re traveling along Earth’s surface as it spins and held to the surface by its gravity – along with the atmosphere around us, the bicycles and cars on the road, and the birds in the sky.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t observe the Earth spinning from right here on the ground. The Sun and Moon rise in the east and set in the west because of the direction we’re rotating in. If you set up a video camera pointed at the night sky, you’ll be able to see the stars moving, too. From our frame of reference, it looks like those objects are sliding past us. Remember: that’s just how we see it. From the Sun’s point of view, we’re all spinning in circles.


Picture Credit : Google