Where the monkey puzzle tree comes from?

These strange trees are evergreen and their branches are covered in thousands of dark green, scale-like leaves. They resemble the fossilized remains of every ancient trees that grew many millions of years ago. These are trees of the Araucaria family, conifers that first grew in Brazil and in the Andes mountains, and later became popular in Europe.

He best-known is the Araucaria araucana, the Chile pine or monkey puzzle tree which was introduced into Britain in 1796. In South America this tree grows as high as 50 metres. It has a blackish, wrinkled bark and the branches grow straight out from the trunk, separated into tiers. The leaves have no stems and are small and stiff with a spiky end. From a distance the tree looks as if it has green branches with no leaves and has a stiff, rigid appearance.


Picture Credit : Google

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