What were the main changes brought about by the Bolshevik Revolution? How did Russia fall into a Civil War?

Russia was waking up to a new dawn in its history. A new government was formed by the Bolsheviks which was led by Vladimir Lenin. The whole structure changed for the nation as well as for the society. The Bolshevik Party was now renamed as the Russian Communist Party. They did not allow any private property and nationalized all the industries and banks. Power of the nobility was gone forever, and peasants were allowed to seize land owned by noble families. Also, the rich in the cities were forced to partition their large houses as per family requirements. The aristocracy was no longer allowed to use their old titles. Russia had only a single party now, the Communist Party which had full control over the trade unions. The new government made Five Year Plans for the development of the country based on a centralized planning system.

After the Revolution, Russia also withdrew from World War I, but that did not exactly bring in peace. Disturbances were brewing up within the country. Many groups came up opposing Lenin and the Bolsheviks, like the anarchists and militarists, and this led to a brutal civil war in Russia. The Russian Civil War lasted three years, between 1918 and 1921. The main opponents were the Red Army and White Army. The Red Army was obviously formed of communists, and the White Army was anti-communist. The communists won, ultimately, but at a heavy cost of millions of lives.

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