What is known as the October Revolution?

The February Revolution brought an end to the tsarist regime in Russia, but things were not to stop there. The country was now ready for a complete overhaul of the social and economic pattern – a total revolution.

As months passed, Lenin felt convinced that the people were ready for another revolution, even though many other Bolshevik leaders did not quite agree with that. A secret meeting of the Bolshevik leaders was held on October 10, 1917, in which Lenin presented his strong arguments in favour of an armed uprising. When a vote was taken the next morning, most favoured a revolution. The stage was now set for the historic October Revolution of Russia, also known as the Bolshevik Revolution.

The people were indeed ready, and the revolution started in the morning of 25th October, 1917. The telegraph, power stations, important bridges, post offices, train stations, and the state bank were all soon under the control of troops supporting the Bolshevik Party. This happened without any violence. Leaders of the Provisional Government stayed within the Winter Palace. Alexander Kerensky, who was then the prime minister, managed to escape the next day, and troops supporting the Bolsheviks entered the Winter Palace. After this coup, the Bolsheviks became the new rulers of Russia. To a cheering population, Lenin announced that they would end the war, abolish private ownership of land and bring the factories under control of the workers.

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