What is the fastest land animal?

Cheetah is the fastest land animal. Cheetahs can sprint for up to 60 seconds at speeds reaching 75 miles an hour (120 kph). Cheetahs have between 2,000 and 3,000 spots, which help them to camouflage themselves. Previously, cheetahs were wide-spread across African and Asian continents, but now they are confined mostly to dry open grasslands of Sub-Saharan Africa, with the majority inhabiting natural reserves or parks. When a cheetah hunts, it gets as close as possible to its prey before trying to outrun it with a burst of speed. The cheetah then uses its paw to swipe the animal to the ground and then suffocates it with a bite to the neck.

It then eats as quickly as possible while looking out for scavengers such as lions, leopards, hyenas, vultures, and jackals, who will steal from the very shy cheetah.

Unlike most other cats, cheetahs prefer to hunt during the day, particularly early morning or early evening.


Picture Credit : Google