Do you go to the same school every day? Some children don’t. They go to lots of different schools, and some days they don’t go school at all!

These children live their families on boats called barges. The barges are always on the move. They travel up and down rivers and canals in the Netherlands, France, and Belgium, carrying goods from one town to another.

In the Netherlands, barge children go to special schools in the towns where the barges stop. While the barges are tied up, the children attend classes. They are also given lessons to work on as they travel.

When the barge gets to the next stop, the children go to another school. They hand in their homework, go to classes, and get more homework to do. In this way, they can keep up with their schoolwork.

When these barge children finish their elementary schooling, they may go to a boarding school for high school.


Picture Credit : Google