Magic Sand is regular sand which has been coated with an oil-like substance that repels water.

It is ordinary sand coated with a hydrophobic compound called trimethylsilanol. This compound makes the sand resistant to water. The substance which was originally made to clean up oil spills is now used as a children’s educational toy.

This sand has many amazing properties. When it comes into contact with water its granules stick together forming blocks which can be moulded into various shapes. These blocks of grains form a thin layer and float on water. Gradually it becomes heavy and sinks to the bottom. As air bubbles form around the granules they appear silvery when seen underwater. But once they are taken out of water the shapes disappear and the sand is surprisingly dry. It also flows freely when dropped from the hand. This mysterious sand is a great attraction for kids who can have hours of fun playing with it.

Picture Credit : Google

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