If last week’s story on the birth of the Moon fascinated you here’s another quick fact about the Moon that is sure to grab your attention – your weight on the Moon would be much less compared to that on Earth! Yes, that’s true. Here’s why.

It all comes down to gravity

Your weight is a measure of the amount of gravity exerted on your body. Since gravity on each of the planets and space bodies is different your weight at any two places is bound to be different.

The gravity of an object is determined by its mass and size. Since the Moon is considerably smaller than Earth in mass, the gravity exerted on your body on the Moon is also much less – one-sixth that of Earth to be precise. However, even if you go to the Moon, only your weight will change, while your mass will remain the same as that on Earth. Actually, your mass anywhere in the universe is pretty much the same.

That makes your weight…

When you land on the Moon’s surface, your weight would be one-sixth of your current weight here.

For example, if you weigh 60 kg on Earth, your weight on the Moon’s surface would be about 10 kg.


Picture Credit : Google