What does work sharing mean?

Sharing the work means sharing the fun.

People don’t just follow laws and rules. They have responsibilities or jobs, too. By doing these jobs, they help each other and themselves.

In some families, adults and children work side every day, planting, tending and harvesting crops in the fields. In other families, everyone helps sell goods in a small shop or on the street.

Families do different kinds of work in different places. But in every family, grown-ups and children help one another. When everybody helps, the work gets done more quickly. And everyone can share pride in a job well done.

Most children have jobs to do at home, too. Some take out the rubbish or recycling material, put away the laundry or feed the family pet. Some children help take care of their younger brother and sisters. Maybe you lay the table or wash the dishes.

As you do your share of the family’s work, you are learning to be responsible and to help others. What jobs, or responsibilities, do you have at home?


Picture Credit : Google