What does Iron Man’s suit allow him to do?

The weapons systems change depending on the primary function of the suit, but almost every suit has repulsors in the hands, allowing Iron Man to shoot a charged blast from the palms. The suits can fly, courtesy of jets in the bottom of the boots, and are bullet-proof. They are also connected to various communication and radar systems, and usually linked to JARVIS, Tony Stark’s artificial intelligence system.

Although Iron Man’s colors are known as red and gold, like many other superheroes, this has been known to change. His first ever suit (Model 1) was grey, simply because it was made of metal salvaged from weapons in a dire situation. He just didn’t have the time to make it pretty!

Since then, however, he has made a range of different colored suits. There have been red and silver (Silver Centurion Armor), silvery blue (Artic Armor), and black suits (Stealth Armor). He has also made a suit that is entirely gold. Usually, the suit is a different color because it relates to the function or the storyline. For example, his black suit is a “stealth” suit. The bright red and gold isn’t exactly ideal for sneaking around.

Credit : Screen Rant 

Picture Credit : Google

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