How can you develop your skills using the World Wide Web?

Social media and online games are often the things that come to people’s mind when someone mentions the Web. But there is more to it than just networking with people or passing time. You can use the Web to express yourself creatively, while also keeping in touch with your friends and fulfilling your academic responsibilities.

1. Make personalised greetings

COVID-19 might have forced you to stay indoors, but that doesn’t have to stop you from celebrating your loved ones birthdays. There are several downloadable software such as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, as well as online websites such as Canva and Adobe Spark, which let you personalise and design birthday cards. You can create your card, mail it to your loved ones and wish them virtually if you can’t meet them in person. It will be sure to touch their hearts.

Meanwhile, you can also use these software and websites to explore your creativity when it comes to art and graphic design.

2. Host games and meetings

Are you the person who loves organising get-togethers and hosting events? Then, why not do it virtually? There are dozens of group video calling software available online for free. Most of these let you host a meet-up with at least 50 people. So, like you would do for a physical get-together, design an invite with all the details and mail it to your friends/family members. You can come up with your own games that can be played virtually, or you can take the help of online websites that let you play multiplayer games such as Tambola or Mystery Rooms. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from catching up with your friends and putting on a show.

3. For the author in you

Have you ever been inspired to write novels after reading some of those chilling mystery books? Or perhaps you like flash fiction, where you can narrate a story in just a few sentences? Fiction or non-fiction, the Web is an amazing platform to explore your writing skills before you take the plunge and publish a book of your own. There are several blogging sites that let you publish content for free. You can start your own blog and share your stories in it. You can also share the blog with your friends and family and invite them to give you feedback that will help you improve as you progress.

4. Ready, set, action

If expressing yourself in front of the camera or from behind the camera is more your thing, get up, take that smartphone and explore your neighbourhood. Thousands of people from all over the world share their experiences through the camera lens every day. With sites and apps like YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram giving you the freedom to share your content, make the best use of your creativity and shoot and edit videos. You can put up any kind of content from singing, dancing, DIY crafts, or even presentations on topics that interest you.

5. Lend your voice

If you love voicing out characters or narrating stories, the Web can fulfil that wish too. There are several websites online that let you host your own podcast and share it with people. If you are more of a storyteller who loves narrating stories, you could also lend your voice to free audiobooks online. Some sites, such as Librivox, encourage you to narrate popular books so that people online can consume them.

This is a great way to learn more about voice modulation and expression, and will also be a great platform for you if you wish to be a voiceover artist or radio jockey in the future.


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