Do sharks have the same senses as us?

Sharks have the five senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. They also have one more. Sensitive cells on their snouts allow them to pick up tiny electrical signals from other animals.

How do sharks know when an animal is struggling nearby?

Sharks can tell that there are animals in their area, even when there is no blood to smell. A sensitive ‘lateral line’ along their bodies allows them to feel ripples in the water from any struggling animal or person.

Do sharks have good eyesight?

Sight is important in the final moments of a shark’s hunt. But sharks depend much more on their sense of smell. Sharks get very excited at the smell of blood. They can smell a drop of blood, diluted millions of times, nearly a kilometre away.

Is it true? Sharks nudge their food before they take a bite.

Yes. They sometimes nudge an object or animal with their snout before they decide whether to eat it or not! Perhaps they can ‘taste’ it with special cells in their skin.

Amazing! Most fish have scaly skin, but a shark’s tough skin and scales are very different. They are sharp points called denticles which are like teeth. Shark skin was once used for smoothing down wood, instead of sandpaper.

Picture Credit : Google