Although elephants are the biggest land animals, there is variation among the species in terms of their size and weight.

        The African bush elephants are largest in the Elephantidea family. The males of these species are about 3.2 metres tall at their shoulder. They weigh up to 6 tonnes. Male Asian elephants, on the other hand, grow up to 2.75metres at their shoulder. They are much lighter than African bush elephants, with a weight about 5 tonnes. The smallest elephant species is the African forest elephants. They grow to a height of about 2.2 metres and weights between 2-5 tonnes.

        There are differences in physical features between the male and the female elephants. Male African elephants are typically 23% taller than females, whereas male Asian elephants are only around 15% taller than females. There are about 326 to 351 bones in an elephant’s body.

Picture Credit : Google