Do any other planets have moons?

Moons of other planets

Earth is not the only planet that has a moon. Other planets do, too!

Mars has two little moons that are just lumpy chunks of rock. The largest of these, Phobos, is only about 27 kilometres wide. Mars’s other moon, Deimos, is about 15 kilometres wide.

Just how big are Mars’s moons? On a map, find the Cape Cod Canal, which separates Cape Cod from the rest of Massachusetts, U.S.A. The canal is 27 kilometres long. So Mars’s larger moon, Phobos, is as wide as the canal is long! Deimos is a little more than half that size.

Jupiter has at least 63 moons. A few of the smallest moons are smaller than some of the mountains on Earth. But the biggest, Ganymede, is bigger than the planet Mercury.

Saturn has at least 62 moons. Like Jupiter’s moons, Saturn’s are very different in size. Some are smaller than 10 kilometres in width. Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan, is bigger than Earth’s moon. Titan is also bigger than Mercury.

Picture Credit : Google

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