How the Aborigines trick the kangaroo?

The only domestic animal known to the Aborigines is the dingo, the Australian wild dog which is trained and bred by the Aborigines and helps them to hunt. For the primitive Aborigines hunting is often a real adventure, involving long journeys on foot through the desert, the use of primitive weapons and great difficulty because of the lack of any form of transport.

In the main the Aborigine hunts animals which move very swiftly and are difficult to catch. Some species of kangaroo can jump further than 9 metres and nearly 3 metres high, and travel at speeds of over 65 kilometres an hour.

There is one type of kangaroo which has a reddish-brown fur that makes it almost invisible against the surrounding countryside. This kangaroo can hear a suspicious noise several thousands of metres away and it can move very swiftly so that not even a dingo can catch it.

The Aborigines use their cunning to catch this animal. The marksmen take up their position along a kangaroo track. The other men then create a terrible din to frighten the animals which are killed by spears from the hidden markmen.


Picture Credit : Google