Could we live on Mars?

People need the kind of atmosphere we have on Earth to survive. The air must contain oxygen. Also, it must be the right temperature – not too hot or too cold. If Mars had more oxygen in its air, and if it were a little warmer, people might be able to live there.

Scientists have considered ways to warm up the atmosphere on Mars and add oxygen to it. For example, they may be able to warm Mars with huge mirrors that reflect sunlight onto the planet. And adding oxygen would make the air on Mars breathable. If they could do these things, the atmosphere would change a lot. Then people would be able to breathe the air on Mars and go outside without wearing spacesuits.

NASA scientists have thought about sending people to Mars. Right now, it would take astronauts about a year to reach the planet. The spaceship would have to be large enough to hold fuel, food, and other supplies for the crew. Visiting Mars will have to wait a while, until scientists develop the technology we will need.

Picture Credit : Google

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