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I want to take up Microbiology as a career.

I am a student of Std X (Science) and want to take up Microbiology as a career. I want to know whether PCB or PCM or PCMB (ISC) would prove to be a better option. I am also in search of information required about the competitive exams that are necessary for studying microbiology abroad (after 12th) because of less scope for microbiology in India. And please give me some information or steps to be taken for preparation for microbiology study.

Microbiology is the study of small living organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eyes. These microorganisms are an integral part of the human environment and they are present everywhere. Some of them are yeasts, viruses, protozoa, moulds, bacteria and algae.

Many colleges Bachelor of Science in Microbiology as a three-year course. Eligibility is 10+2 with physics, chemistry and biology. Generally, admission for B.Sc. (Microbiology) programme is on the basis of marks obtained in 10+2. The better the college is, higher the cut-off percentage goes.

Those with B.Sc. degrees may work as technologists in government or industrial laboratories. They are usually assigned such tasks as doing diagnostic or quality control testing in laboratories, in industry or in teaching and applied research institutions. Opportunities for advancement are limited for graduates. Those who have M.Sc. degrees may work as professionals in quality control in industry, and those who have Ph.D.s may conduct research and teach in universities or manage hospital (clinical) diagnostic microbiology laboratories. Possible avenues of advancement for advancement for microbiologists are many, especially for those with a doctoral degree.


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