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My dream is to become an IT professional.

I’m a student of Std X in Meghalaya State Board and my dream is to become an IT professional. What stream of studies should I take after passing my SSCL examination? What else is required?

An IT specialist is a computer support and security administrator who assists companies and organizations with managing hardware, software, networking and solving problems. They can find work in a wide variety of industries, like business, government and manufacturing.

To become one, you need to do B.Tech. in Computer Science or BCA/MCA. Eligibility is 10+2 with Mathematics. Admission to these courses is through competitive exams, so you should be thorough in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


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My father is a businessman but I am not interested in his business.

I am studying in Class 9. This year is my 10th and I am quite ready for it. But I don’t know what to do after that. My father is a businessman but I am not interested in his business. I am not able to decide my aim. Please help me.

Very few people are born knowing what career is right for them. So don’t worry, and focus on your studies; it is not necessary to define a specific career choice now. A level of interest in various subjects taught in school can certainly help you in choosing a suitable career. What are you excited about studying? What do you want to know more about? For example, if you enjoy Mathematics, explore careers that require mathematical skills. Then it is guaranteed that you will be at ease with any work where there is more use of mathematics. Never pick a subject you dislike only for the job possibilities. That is almost sure to be a disappointment to you in the long run. Remember, people tend to excel when they have a passion for their work.


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Maths Phobia

I have just started my class X. After class X I want to join the science stream. But maths is a problem. The teacher who taught me in class IX is also taking class X. I don’t understand anything in her class. I had been hoping to get another teacher but I was quite disappointed when I saw her entering the class in the maths period. How will I do well if I don’t clear my doubts? Even though my interest is in biology, I want to do well in maths in well. How can I do well in maths?

Mathematics is all about understanding and practising. It is of great help not just in the science stream, but in other streams too. The more you practice, the more you learn. If there is no chance of the teacher being changed, you should look for someone in or around your home who can help you clear your doubts regularly.


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I am studying in class X. My mother says I will never be able to get enough marks to qualify for science. If I don’t qualify for science, what will I do?

First, why do you assume that you will not get the required marks. You still have five months to study and you can work hard to get the required marks.

Second, it will not be the end of the world if you don’t get science. You can do well in commerce or arts too.

There are great career options in these two streams – from management, finance, banking and accounts to teaching, research, design to media – you have a world of opportunities to explore.


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Matter of priority

I am a Zimbabwean settled in India. My two sons are studying in a boarding school affiliated to ICSE board. I would like to know what is the difference between ICSE and CBSE. Which board is of higher standard and which is more beneficial? Will my sons have a problem if they join the CBSE stream after class X, as their boarding school is only up to class X?

ICSE is conducted by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). Basically, it is a replacement of the earlier Overseas Cambridge School Certificate Examination. The quality of education of school affiliated to CISCE is high and the examination standard is tougher. CBSE has a large number of schools affiliated to it – public schools as well as government schools – and the papers are easier, taking into consideration the fact that even students from poor background attending government schools take this exam. The advantage of CBSE board is that most of the institutions in India take CBSE syllabus as the basis for entrance exam – from National Defence Academy to medical colleges. In fact, CBSE even has a fixed number of seats reserved for its meritorious students in medical and engineering colleges. However, this is not to say that CBSE is the only board. In fact, almost every state in the country has its own board.


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