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How to do Safety check in Google Chrome?

Chrome comes with a built-in tool to check for enhanced protection. Head over to Chrome Settings, and click on the Safety Check button on the left sidebar. Alternatively, you can go to chrome://settings/safetyCheck to access the safety check page directly. The Safety Check tool will then verify that Chrome is up-to-date, cross-check whether all your stored passwords are complex and not leaked in any data breaches, and confirm that Safe Browsing is set up properly. It will even check if you are protected from any potentially malicious extensions. Run it once in a while.

With this check Chrome will check all your stored passwords are complex and not leaked in the previous data breaches. In order to do this check, you have to login with your Google account. It helps Google to send the passwords in encrypted manner and check the database to match if the password is in the previous data breaches.

The result of the safe browsing section depends on the level of protection you have enabled on your browser. By default, Chrome will use the standard protection and hence you will see a message like “Standard protection is on. For even more security, use enhanced protection.”


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What is deepfake app?

Deepfake generally refers to images on videos in which the face and/or voice of a person, usually a public figure has been manipulated using artificial intelligence software to generate visual and audio content with a high potential to deceive. Deepfakes are a source of concern because they are created to be intentionally misleading, such as by making it look like a politician said something they didn’t, or making it appear like a celebrity was in a video they weren’t in.

Everyone from academic and industrial researchers to amateur enthusiasts, visual effects studios and porn producers. Governments might be dabbling in the technology, too, as part of their online strategies to discredit and disrupt extremist groups, or make contact with targeted individuals, for example.

It is hard to make a good deepfake on a standard computer. Most are created on high-end desktops with powerful graphics cards or better still with computing power in the cloud. This reduces the processing time from days and weeks to hours. But it takes expertise, too, not least to touch up completed videos to reduce flicker and other visual defects. That said, plenty of tools are now available to help people make deepfakes. Several companies will make them for you and do all the processing in the cloud. There’s even a mobile phone app, Zao, that lets users add their faces to a list of TV and movie characters on which the system has trained.


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What is special in Orixo game?

Orixo is a relaxing, minimalist brain game with over 320 hand-crafted levels to help sharpen your mind. A melodic soundtrack accompanies you on the levels, all of which are free to play and vary in difficulty. Fill the grid by dragging your finger over cells with a number inside of it. The number represents the number of cells it will fill in one of four directions. The direction you choose counts. Orixo saves your game progress automatically and hints are available in case you get stuck on any level. A simple game to play for a few minutes to take a breather from your busy life. Free for iOS and Android.

The organization of ideas and things are both important to this game. The player has to be able to think through and organize which number should be swiped first, second, etc. They also need to organize the placement, or direction, of the swipe. If they don’t take the time to organize both aspects of this game, they will be unable to complete a level and unlock new ones.


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WOWcube reimagines the Rubik’s Cube for a next-gen gaming console

The WOWcube, a new twist on the beloved Rubik’s Cube, is the brainchild of 13-year-old DIY YouTuber, Savva Osipov. “What if we place characters and gameplay on Rubik’s Cube surface and control the game by twisting, tilting and shaking,” he thought. Together with his father, inventor Ilya, they came up with the WOWcube. The device comes with tiny, high-res microdisplays built into each of the cube’s 24 square-shaped segments, and eight processors and an accelerometer on the inside. As with a Rubik’s Cube, users can twist, flip, turn, and rotate elements along multiples axes, constantly changing how the screens align with one another, all accompanied by satisfying clicks. Its accompanying iOS/Android app allows users to load a number of games, including word games, puzzles, mazes and arcade-style games, into the device via Bluetooth. It runs on an open-source API (application programming interface) that enables youngsters with computer skills and developers to design their own games for the WOWcube. Place the device onto its charging base and the cube’s individual screens become functional widgets, displaying the date, time, weather, social media, notifications, news and more. The STEM-learning certified device measures 2.8 inches on each side and weighs 335 gms. Its integrated 4,320 mAh lithium-ion battery runs for upto eight hours on a single charge.


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What is Scribbl app?

Scribbl offers a cool way to spruce up your images and videos with effects and animations. Draw striking scribble type animations over static pictures or tap on the animation of your choice and add it over videos. Change the colour, size and position of the animation, customize your art brush and edit your effects easily. Scribbl also lets you add a glow animation to achieve a neon sign or lightning effect. Export your animation in full HD quality for your social media posts and show off your creative side to your friends. You can even get your work featured in the app’s home page. Free for iOS and Android.

Scribbl is an animation maker which allows you to draw animations on your images to achieve the Scribble Animation effect. We’ve simplified the process of animating your images, forget drawing frame by frame, you can easily create an awesome effect just by drawing over your picture once.

Scribbl gives you the option to customize your art brush. Play around with different sizes and styles. Scribbl also has the cool feature of adding glow animation to achieve that awesome neon sign or lightning effect.

Once you’re done drawing your animation, you can export it in Full HD quality for your social media posts. Forget boring static images or videos without that extra flair for your Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram stories and posts, download Scribbl now and show off your creative side to the world with crazy animations!


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How to view all the websites on Instagram?

Fortunately, Instagram had the sense to include a way to rediscover these websites or links in your profile for later perusal. You can now view all websites you have opened on Instagram in a single location. Let’s find out how to use the official Instagram apps for Android and iOS. This won’t work on the Instagram web app.

That doesn’t mean that the desktop or web app is completely redundant. You can still check your DMs or view Instagram stories. While everything said, putting links in the comments or an Instagram post is still a tricky affair. You’ll need at least 10,000 users to post a link inside your Instagram stories.

If you ever need to revisit a product or blog link on Instagram, you don’t have to find the original post or account from last time. Tap on your profile icon at the bottom of the screen, and then on the hamburger icon at the top right. Select Your Activity’ from the menu. You will find all opened links under the Links tab arranged date-wise, starting from the most recent; and tap on any link to open it again in Instagram’s in app browser. (The Time tab tells you how much time you spent scrolling through your feeds mindlessly!)


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