WOWcube reimagines the Rubik’s Cube for a next-gen gaming console

The WOWcube, a new twist on the beloved Rubik’s Cube, is the brainchild of 13-year-old DIY YouTuber, Savva Osipov. “What if we place characters and gameplay on Rubik’s Cube surface and control the game by twisting, tilting and shaking,” he thought. Together with his father, inventor Ilya, they came up with the WOWcube. The device comes with tiny, high-res microdisplays built into each of the cube’s 24 square-shaped segments, and eight processors and an accelerometer on the inside. As with a Rubik’s Cube, users can twist, flip, turn, and rotate elements along multiples axes, constantly changing how the screens align with one another, all accompanied by satisfying clicks. Its accompanying iOS/Android app allows users to load a number of games, including word games, puzzles, mazes and arcade-style games, into the device via Bluetooth. It runs on an open-source API (application programming interface) that enables youngsters with computer skills and developers to design their own games for the WOWcube. Place the device onto its charging base and the cube’s individual screens become functional widgets, displaying the date, time, weather, social media, notifications, news and more. The STEM-learning certified device measures 2.8 inches on each side and weighs 335 gms. Its integrated 4,320 mAh lithium-ion battery runs for upto eight hours on a single charge.


Picture Credit : Google