Why should we observe the World Toilet Day?

         One of the inconveniences many people in countries like India face is the lack of toilets. The Indian government has undertaken an important step that ensures toilets in every house-hold across the country as part of a nation-wide campaign called Swachh Bharat Mission. Having basic toilet facilities is an individual’s right as hygienic and clean surroundings will help him stay healthy. The World Toilet Day is celebrated on November 19.

          Statistics indicate that around 4.5 billion people live without a safe toilet and 892 million people still, practice open defecation. Human waste can spread dangerous diseases. Defecating in the open, in fact, can expose people to various diseases that can threaten their life. The impact of such exposure on this scale has a devastating effect upon public health, living and working conditions, nutrition, education and economic productivity across the world. Therefore, toilets save lives.

         The World Toilet Day is a reminder that everyone should follow certain practices of personal hygiene. We are aiming to ensure that everyone has a safe toilet and that no-one practices open defecation by 2030.

Picture Credit : Google