When was the Civil War in Britain?

In the year 1603, Britain had a new king James I. He was the first of the Stuart monarchs, and ruled not only England and Wales, but also Scotland. James believed strongly that God had given kings their right to govern, and no one could question this authority. James’s arrogant views and conduct made him very unpopular with his subjects. His son Charles I, who followed him to the throne in 1625, was even less popular. Soon Britain was split by civil wars.

Charles wanted to rule without consulting parliament but he was faced with enormous rebellion. Enraged by this, Charles tried to arrest five members of parliament for treason. The action made him hated all the more and he was forced to flee to London. By August 1642 he had declared war on the parliamentary supporters (known as ‘Roundheads’).

Fact File:

A Roundhead helmet. Oliver Cromwell reorganized the Roundhead forces into a professional force known as the ‘New Model Army’.


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