Why is the green sea turtle considered as an endangered species?

            Green sea turtles are large sea turtles that can be spotted in tropical and subtropical seas around the world. The distinct populations of these sea animals are seen predominantly in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and sometimes, in the Indian Ocean too. Over 80 countries are known to have the nests of these turtles on their beaches. With a weight up to 300 kg, green sea turtles are huge. Their name comes from the greenish colour of their cartilage and fat.

            Like many other species, green sea turtles too have an unsafe existence. As a result, they have been listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List.

            The reasons for the falling population of the turtles are both intentional and accidental. In general, these animals are continuously hunted for food and their eggs. Then there are other unintentional reasons like boat strikes and fishing nets that lack turtle excluder devices.

Picture credit: google