Why is the Dolby system important?

               Roughly speaking, Dolby Digital is the name of audio compression technologies developed by the Dolby Laboratories.

               To put it clearly, it is an advanced form of digital audio coding that enables storing and transmitting of high-quality digital sound, far more efficiently than was previously possible.

               The technology was originally named Dolby Stereo Digital. In the initial stage, it was used to provide digital sound in cinemas from 35mm film prints. Today, it is used for other applications too, such as TV broadcast, radio broadcast via satellite, DVDs, and game consoles.

               The first film to use Dolby Digital technology was ‘Batman Returns’ when it premiered in 1992. Since then, the technology has constantly proved to be a step forward in sonic realism and listener involvement. It has been able to change the way we experience films in theatres, and, is now doing the same for video programming at homes too.