Why is it said that the White-rumped vulture is useful to humanity?

               The white-rumped vultures help us by clearing off unwanted or even harmful garbage. They are often found flying near garbage dumps and slaughter houses. These birds eat the animal waste produced in these areas. 

               These birds are purple black in colour and have a remarkable white back. They are also called white backed vultures because of this. Their head is bald, with dark purple shading. There is a notable white ring of feathers around the neck, called the ruff. This bird has very broad wings, making the head and tail appear very small.

               The white-rumped vultures nest on tall trees. They have very keen eye-sight and fly very high in the air. But their sense of smell is very poor.

               Their most active time is during the sunrise, when the air is slowly warming up. Earlier, we could see them throughout mainland India, but now, they are very rare.