What are the benefits of bacteria?

Your gut reaction might be to wrinkle your nose at the thought of bacteria inside your guts, but it turns out that many so-called good bacteria are essential to your health, the survival of life on Earth, and the making of tasty foods. Behold the benefits of our microscopic allies…

Health Boosting: Your body’s microbes support your immune system, which fights sickness.

Plant Feeding: Blue-green algae and other types of bacteria convert the nitrogen in the air into compounds plants can use.

Food Processing: Microbes in our innards play a huge role in the digestive process, helping us absorb nutrients and vitamins from our food.

Food Making: Bacteria are a vital ingredient in the process of turning milk into yogurt and tasty cheeses. The holes in Swiss cheese are created by carbon dioxide bubbles exhaled by bacteria during the cheese-making process.

Planet Cleaning: Bacteria break down dead animals and plants, which ‘’decompose’’ into nutrients for the living.


Picture Credit : Google