Why is it said that Gandhiji remains as an inspiration for many renowned personalities even today?

            Gandhiji’s memory lingers in the minds and hearts of admirers all over the world.

            Indians can take great pride in the fact that some of the most well-known personalities of the 20th and 21st centuries cite Mahatma as their role model.

            Barack Obama, the former president of the United States of America had once talked about Gandhi as his ‘real hero’. Dalai Lama, Pearl S. Buck, and Steve Jobs are a few among the long list of his admirers.

            American historian, Will Durant, best known for his great work, The Story of Civilization, was an admirer of Gandhiji. 

            The inspiration for Attenborough’s film Gandhi was ‘The Life of Mahatma Gandhi’, the book written by the celebrated American journalist Louis Fischer. He was a follower of Gandhi. He said on Gandhi’s assassination, “Just an old man in a loin cloth in distant India. Yet when he died, humanity wept”.

            It is no wonder Gandhiji is admired even today. The ardent expression of his will goes beyond the spirit of his Age.