Which dinosaurs used trumpets?

Many ‘duck-billed’ dinosaurs, like Parasaurolophus, had strange crests on their heads. The male’s crest was much larger than the female’s. It was hollow and connected to the nostrils. Perhaps these dinosaurs used their crests like trumpets, making sounds to show off to their mates or to threaten rival males.

Is it true? Scientists were the first people to discover dinosaur tracks.

No. Native Americans were using designs which included dinosaur footprints, long before dinosaur tracks were discovered by scientists.

What used its tail as a whip?

Diplodocus was a huge, plant-eating dinosaur with an enormously long neck and tail. It could measure 27 metres from nose to tail. When it was attacked, it used its tail like a whip, lashing it from side to side.

What used to fight with its head?

Male dinosaurs probably fought for territory and mates, like animals do today. Pachycephalosaurus had a skull with a dome of thick bone, like a crash helmet. This was probably to protect its brain during head-butting fights with rivals.

Picture Credit : Google