Why is it said that Dr. Kalam’s visits to the Siachen Glacier during his tenure as the president was a morale boosting one for the defence personnel?

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, during his term as the President of India, indulged in adventures which many of his age would not have dreamt of. His love for adventure kept inspiring all, including our soldiers.

One of his adventures was to visit the Siachen Glacier in 2004, where he witnessed the difficult conditions faced by the Indian army. Dr. Kalam’s presence left a deep impact on the soldiers and officers.

The troops and officers were amazed by his presence at Siachen because no president had ever visited the glacier, and that, too, at the age of 72. He lauded them for their commitment towards the country and their earnest service in hostile and harsh weather. Similarly, he had also visited the LoC in Uri in 2003 and had a similar experience with the soldiers of India.

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