Why is it said that Dr. Kalam was loved by children?

Children had great love for Dr. Kalam. He is still the role model for several people who grew up during the time of the “Missile Man of India”, a small boy from Rameshwaram, who made history. Hundreds of students were present at his swearing ceremony to celebrate his success.

Dr. Kalam also had a great deal of love for children. He believed that the future of India lies within the dreams of the children. As the head of the country, he addressed children and youth from all over the country.

Dr. Kalam, till his last breath, was driven by the passion to educate, motivate and guide children towards a better future.

He was also a man of sharp wit and intelligence. Amazed by his love for children, he was once questioned by media persons about having a child of his own, to which he replied “All of you are wrong, I have three sons.” All were stumped by the statement, but Dr. Kalam continued. “You don’t know my three sons? They are ‘Prithvi’, ‘Agni’, and ‘BrahMos’,” referring to the names of India’s three powerful missiles.

One could see his passion and drive towards science and development in all that he did. What one leaves for the next generation needn’t be only progeny but intellectual growth as well.

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