Why is it said that David Bohnett played an important role In IT?

          American technology entrepreneur and philanthropist David Bohnett carved a special place in the history of information technology with the Initiative of ‘GeoCities’.

           The site, highly successful since it was introduced in 1994, is known to be the first social networking arena in the world. A forerunner of Facebook and MySpace, GeoCities provided its users a wide variety of innovative activities, including creation of free web pages, connecting with friends, expressing interests, and engaging in e-commerce.

           In 1999, when GeoCities became the third most visited website on the World Wide Web, it was acquired by Yahoo! At present, its service is available in Japan only.

           A year before the take-over, David Bohnett founded the Baroda Ventures, a venture capital firm based at Los Angeles, that makes investments in tech-related initiatives.