Why is Craig Newmark a known figure in IT?

     Craig Newmark is an entrepreneur and the founder of ‘Craigslist’. It is a website for classified advertisements on jobs, services, for-sale and wanted items, housing etc., founded in 1995. The entrepreneur is also the creator of Craig connects a site for publicizing charitable ventures.

     Born on December 6th, 1952, Newmark had a very humble beginning. His father died when Newmark was 13 and it was left to his mother to take care of the family. But a brilliant student that he was, Newmark completed his education with scholarships. Soon after, he joined IBM, and stayed there for 17 long years. It was in 1993 that Newmark got acquainted with the Internet.

     Two years later, he developed Craigslist as an email distribution list for friends to feature local events in his locality. The following year, it turned into a web-based service, and expanded into many other classified categories. By 2000, it spread across the US. Today, Craigslist covers 70 countries and has non-English versions. As of June 2016, the site had more than 20 billion page views every month. This success turned Newmark into a billionaire.