Why does my dog spin in circles before lying down?

They say old habits die hard – and this particular one goes back to Fido’s ancestors. Wolves and wild dogs turn in circles to tamp down the grass and drive out bugs before dropping for a nap. Your pup inherited that same behavior as instinct, whether he or she is settling down in the backyard or on the bed’s comforter.

Dogs in the wild often dig out their own resting spots. Once they’re satisfied with their work, they may examine it several times over by walking around it in circles. If your pooch circles his bedding site before retiring for a nap or for the night, he’s essentially just checking his digging work and making sure that he has a cozy and safe place to sleep — canine style. Dogs also often circle around as a way of driving out any pesky bugs that may be lingering in their sleeping spots.


Picture Credit : Google