Why do I have fingernails? (and toenails)

Humans evolved with flattened fingernails instead of the thicker, sharper claws found on most mammals. Researchers think that fingernails and toenails helped our ancestors climb trees, peel fruit, and use simple tools. And fingernails are still useful today! Their color and condition offer clues about your overall health. Nail polish turns them into fashion accessories. You use them to pop open the tops of soda cans. And nothing makes a better back – scratcher than a nice set of nails!

The primary function of a fingernail is to shield the fingertip, the distal phalanx and the surrounding soft tissues from injuries. It increases the sensitivity of the finger by acting as a counter force when the pulp of the finger touches an object. Furthermore, it helps in certain cutting or scraping actions, and acts as an extended precision grip for the finger.

The hard covering of toenails protects and fortifies the dense network of blood vessels, muscles and flesh beneath them.


Picture Credit : Google